Collected Papers in Honor of Jim Rohlf

Prof. F. James Rohlf received a bound volume of letters of appreciation and scientific papers dedicated by colleagues and students in honor of his contributions to numerical taxonomy, morphometrics, and multivariate statistics in general. The collection, stemming from a Stony Brook symposium to celebrate the career of Dr. Rohlf on his 65th birthday, was presented by Prof. Robert Sokal during the Ecology & Evolution colloquium on April 28, 2004.

The contributors in alphabetical order:
Dean Adams, Jean-Christophe Auffray, David Banks, Edwin Battley, Michael Bell, Geeta Bharathan, Mark Burgman, Andrea Cardini, Douglas Carroll, Chris Chimimba, Marco Corti, Marlis R. Douglas, Michael E. Douglas, Daniel Dykhuizen, Joseph Felsenstein, Herman Friedman, Douglas Futuyma, Waleed Gharaibeh, David Goodall, Felix Grucci, Melvin F. Janowitz, John T. Kent, Junhyong Kim, Manuel Lerdau, Manuel Lima, Norman MacLeod , Gavin Naylor , NYCEP, Dianna Padilla, Peter Petraitis , Santiago Reig, Richard Reyment, V. Louise Roth, Paul Sammarco, Chris Simon, Peter Sneath, Robert Sokal , Ralph Stinebrickner, James Thomson , Antonio Valdecasas, Jeff Walker, and Paul Wilson.