Software by F. James Rohlf

Freely distributed software:

Morphometric software distributed via the Stony Brook Morphometrics www site.Compatible with Windows XP to 10 and Windows emulators on Macs and Lynix.

tpsBias: Explore bias and error in estimating average shape.
tpsDig: Digitize coordinates of landmarks and capture outlines.
tpsPLS: Study covariation between a shape and a set of variables or between two shapes.
tpsPower: Estimates statistical power for testing difference between two mean shapes..
tpsRelw: Relative warps analysis.
tpsRegr: Multivariate regression of shape onto one or more independent variables.
tpsSmall: Test whether shape variation is small enough so that tangent space approximations can be used (almost always true)..
tpsSplin: Computes thin-plate splines.
tpsSuper: GLS superimposition, image unwarping and image averaging.
tpsSurfPlot: Utility to show results of tpsPower and tpsBias as surface plots (but just for triangles).
tpsTree: Fit shapes to a hierarchical tree.
tpsTri: Explore statistics of shape for triangles.
tpsUtil: Utility program useful when working with tps files..

Commercially available software:

BIOMstat ver 4.0. For Windows 7 to 10 both 32 and 64 bit.
A basic statistical package designed to be used with the fourth edition of the text Biometry by Sokal and Rohlf.  Available from Applied Biostatistics
NTSYSpc ver. 2.2. For Windows 7 to 10 both 32 and 64 bit.
Multivariate data analysis package of programs available from Applied Biostatistics.

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Modified September 18, 2018 .